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LGTB Surrogacy in Canada

Many straight couples, same sex-couples, and single parents eager to expand their families. One path to become parents for members of the LGBTIQ community is surrogacy in Canada.
Even though the surrogacy path is usually no different for same sex couples and individuals than for any other heterosexual couple, there are some differences to take in consideration.

LGBTIQ Surrogacy journey in Canada
Surrogacy is a common option for lesbian couples who face infertility issues and gay men who want to become parents and be biologically linked to their babies, as well as. In LGBTIQ surrogacy, it’s quite usual to use an egg donor, and a gestational surrogate. Nevertheless, same-sex couples need to make some key choices before moving ahead
Who will be the genetic father or mother of the baby? In opposition to the surrogacy pursue by a straight couple, in which both parents can contribute with their genetic material to create an embryo, same-sex couples have to choose whose sperm or egg will be used. Some gay couples decided to use both men sperm to fertilize multiple eggs.
Are you going to use an anonymous or identified egg donor? Many same-sex decide to use an known donor and sometimes, they to use one partner’s sperm or egg with eggs or sperm from a close family member of the other partner, giving both fathers a biological link to the child.
The next step in your surrogacy journey is to learn about: Same-Sex Surrogacy Laws
Each province in Canada has laws regulating surrogacy, and not all the provinces recognize surrogacy agreements, like Quebec. Probably the provinces more surrogacy a LGTB friendly are Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.  Please note, that in some provinces same sex couples may have to go through an adoption process to be legally recognized as the parents of their baby and to obtain a birth certificate naming both parents, learn about the legal process in the province where your surrogate mother lives before moving ahead to avoid any issue when the baby will born.
Once you are aware about Canadian surrogacy laws you need to find a surrogate mother in Canada, this phase of the process takes time so you need to have patience.
Regardless of sexual orientation, if you are considering to pursue surrogacy in Canada, it is vital to think about the pros and cons of the process, as well as your individual situations, when preparing your surrogacy plan to define if surrogacy is right for them.
find surrogate mother in canada
Whether you want to find a surrogate mother tin Canada or become true your dream of parenthood or become a surrogate mother and help some intended parents to become their parenthood dream true you need to know that surrogacy can be a complex process.
All prospective intended parents and surrogate mothers should get in contact with a reputable professional to learn more about surrogacy laws and regulation in their province.
Contact a surrogacy agency in Canada to discuss the laws in your province and learn about your options regardless of where you live.

Learn more about the AHR Act in this link:

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Why to become a surrogate mother

The reasons a woman decides being a surrogate mother can be endless. In the following story you will find the motivation of a prospective surrogate.

being a surrogate mother

I love being pregnant and I love being a mom. I love having my family. I can’t imagine my life without my children, or having had difficulty having a family!

People describe me as being loving, caring, and most of all if you know us. We love to laugh and we are humorous people, and I am no exception to that.

Our family enjoys outdoors -we like trekking, we love camping, kayaking, recreational quad-ding (it’s like a motorcycle but obviously four wheels - you go quad ding on dirt roads/paths) - these are our summer activities. In the winter, we enjoy snowmobiling, we also love to snowshoe and we cut down/chop down trees to prepare our winter’s firewood. I am very active, which is a good thing because I love to eat - I love to cook. I make my own bread, I grow my own vegetables, I bottle my own pickles.

I choose to be a surrogate mom because I want to help families who can’t have their own children. It means the world to me to help. I feel heart-broken every time I have a few high school friends - and they don’t have children and all they want is to have a child, and it breaks my heart. I want to have babies for everyone!

I enjoyed being a surrogate because I had a close relationship with my intended parents. We enjoyed talking to each other, and I think the best part is seeing their look on their face when they hold their baby (or in one of the cases, babies!) for the first time. They were just so mesmerized and I was proud to be able to bring that to them, to help them with that. My first journey I helped a French heterosexual couple and my second/third journeys were for a gay couple in Spain and Belgium.
My family and I live in a small community in California (US) however I grew up in Toronto (Canada), but I have lived in various places in Southern Ontario as well. My husband is my best friend - my kids are my world.

My kids currently are 16, 10 and 5. Everyone in my family is supportive of me being a surrogate mother. They think it’s great that their mom is a surrogate - and I believe it’s opening their eyes to the different diversities. Families are not just about a mom and dad having kids naturally - there are many types of families.

My life is very busy - my world revolves around my children. I come from humble roots and I just want to give this gift to you like I have before three other times for others, and it is my honor to be a proud surrogate mom!

become a surrogate mother

This is the story of an anonymous surrogate, but whatever motivations you have that have brought you to think about being a surrogate mother, know that you are an amazing woman!!!!!!!!

Learn more abut the surrogacy process and how to become a surrogate mother in this video.

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